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Climate Change is a symptom of our unsustainable methods of production and ways of life. Lacking system innovation and optimization cause increased, dangerous CO2 emissions. Climatologists and systems scientists call for a change of the economy at least until the end of the next decade. Otherwise future generations will have to bear unforeseeable results of global warming.

Individual tradable emission quota - CO2 cards - could be an effective political instrument which engages the citizens financial interest in CO2 reduction. The expansion of the current emission trade system on the private sector could be a decisive step. 

Target Group
Decision makers, business administration, interested public

The CO2 website presents background information on climate system, climate protection and climate policy, scenarios and emissions trade. The concepts of individual tradable emission quota are explained. Furthermore you wil find answers to 30 questions on CO2 emission quota, the advantages of a CO2 card and its international feedback. 

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CO2 Card

CO2 Card

The CO2 Card combines resource and climate protection by means of tradable, personal emission rights. A liberal approach in line with the market. The new website is coming soon. [More...]


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